7 Signs it's Time for You to Rebrand

Monday January 2, 2023 comments Tags: Branding, Rebranding, Rebrand, Brand, marketing, Marketing Strategy, target market


First, what exactly does a rebrand mean? Rebranding is all about looking at your marketing from a different angle. Sometimes a little bit can change, and other times, your company is ready for a complete 180.  Some major areas that can be affected are:  


  • Brand aesthetic – this includes things like your overall color scheme, logo, and even the company name itself.
  • Brand voice – you know that distinct personality your brand took on? Yeah, THAT!
  • Brand values – those guiding principles you started with maybe aren’t as important as they once were.
  • Brand messaging – what’s that underlying value proposition you're conveying? It could be that you started off with soft, mild, and inviting language but have shifted into adding more sass to your content.


With all of that in mind, let’s jump into the 7 signs that your branding is ready for a reboot!


Sign #1: New locations are in order.

If you’ve been expanding into different regions or even global markets, you may need to change things up to stay relevant in all these other places. Especially pay attention to this if your name and branding are specific to a city or town.


Sign #2: Your target market is changing.

I want you to think about those buyer personas. If you’re a B2B company that started off working with small businesses, but your clientele has changed into established brands, then this could be a huge indication.  


Sign #3: A new vision has formed.

If you ever see your mission and values changing, that’s a solid sign that it’s time for some re-evaluating. This isn’t a bad thing either. As you change, your brand is going to follow along with you. As long as you take the time to really figure out what your vision is, then you’ll be fine.


Sign #4: You’re merging with another company.

Anytime two brands come together, instead of pitting one against the other to kill the competition, it’s better to just rebrand and build some cohesion between the two. Plus there’s much less confusion for your audience too.


Sign #5: If you have outdated branding.

Every business needs a plan in place to stay modern and relevant. A color scheme and branding message that worked in the early 2000s must figure out a way to evolve along with the people and era. Can you imagine walking into an office that only uses the 1st generation apple computers? How would they be in business with those SLOW dinosaurs? Same goes for your brand.


Sign #6: Bad reputation.

Yep, just like Taylor’s song. If your reputation has taken a plunge, you may need a complete rehaul. I’m not talking about just choosing different colors either; this means EVERYTHING including your vision and looking at what didn’t work before. You must do it the right way or else it looks like it’s just a fake cover-up.


Sign #7: New product line.

If you are selling something different than your normal, you may want to rebrand. Pretend that you are a company that has exclusively sold hats, but now you are expanding into other outerwear like jackets. A rebrand is shouting your name!


The fact of the matter is we live in evolving times. To stay competitive and keep up with everything, companies have no choice but to adjust along with it. If you need some help along the way and are ready for a refreshed, new, kick-ass brand, then make sure to reach out to us for a complimentary brand consultation!