Are You Creating Bomb Ass Content?

Wednesday December 1, 2021 comments


I know you've asked yourself this question a thousand times: How do you determine if your content is any good??

Spoiler Alert: Your content WILL NOT resonate with everyone and guess what?! That’s totally OK! (Honestly, you don’t want everyone to resonate with it – the IRS might ask questions or at least Mark Zuckerberg…)

Wild Idea: Ask your audience what they want from you! You already know they NEED what you do but what you might not know is what they want from you. Hell… it might be a dirty joke every week… be vulnerable… ASK! 


Use all of your platforms but make sure what you’re posting is appropriate for each one. For instance, you cannot share links on Instagram (unless you have over 10k followers, and if you do GOOD FOR YOU SIS!) OR you can use an app like LinkTree in your bio.

Don’t forget about those correct image sizes! You’ll always want to use the most optimal image sizes for each platform or else your images will look a little wonky on Instagram (hint: 1080x1080 for Insta!).

You’ll want to keep things more straight-edge on LinkedIn while you can get pretty fast and loose on Facebook and Instagram.

Pro Tip: Don’t be afraid to test this out! Heck, you might have some dirty birds on your LinkedIn that like to switch it up! 

Getting through the doubt

The shadow side of being on social media is constantly comparing yourself to other brands. This is normal BUT you if you’ve spent enough time on YOUR brand you’ll know how FREAKIN’ UNIQUE you are!!

Pro Tip: Ask  your trusted advisors what kind of vibes your brand is putting out into the world. 


Honestly, the hardest thing about social media is actually getting it done. If you’re having a hard time getting out your content, there’s no shame in phoning a friend.

Outsourcing your content isn’t cheating. It’s knowing what’s best for your business and your health. The experts do what they do BEST (just make sure you’re getting references).

Have that glass of wine and let the experts do what they do best and get it right for you the FIRST time! Just make sure you’re checking those statistics so you can manage your projects effectively – if you need to pivot strategy, then pivot! (Did you imagine Ross from FRIENDS yelling "Pivot!!" here? Because we totally did.)


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