Creating Bomb Ass Content

By: abbeyharrison Monday June 1, 2020 comments Tags: Social Media, content, platforms, audience


In a world full of online noise, content is the only way to get found, seen and heard. Unfortunately, all that Internet chatter also means that you need to create bomb ass content in order to grab the attention of your audience.


What Makes Great Content?


Being human can be hard, amiright? Opinions can be a big pain in the ass! Your content WILL NOT resonate with everyone and guess what?! That’s totally OK! The aim isn’t to create content that attracts every single person but to entice the right ones and eliminate the ones that will waste your time and energy. Throw all that generic copy and design out the window and start creating stand-out pieces that make your ideal client both swoon and come back for more!


How does this work? You’ll need to take a good hard look at who you’re speaking to. Crazy idea here: ASK YOUR AUDIENCE WHAT THEY WANT FROM YOU! It’s simple, but effective. Try it! (Not-So-Secret Success Tip – You’ve got to identify who your audience is before you can start conversing with them.)


Which Social Media Platforms?


Knowing your platforms, what your audience uses, and what kind of content will do best on each channel is a MUST. This may take some testing in your specific industry. It’s also important not to bite off more than you can chew. The point of social media marketing is to start conversations with your audience. How many conversations can you keep up with at once? Repurposing your content for each channel is great but not if it takes you so much time that you won’t be present for your audience.


What is repurposing content?  Your content may change from platform to platform. You don’t want to share blogs to your Instagram if you can’t link directly to the blog because you can’t link on Instagram posts, for example. And, if you don’t have quality images then your Instagram peeps won’t pay attention to you. Pinterest users want informational content and quotes but their preferred image size is MUCH different than what you create for other social media platforms. Videos do great just about anywhere, but Facebook won’t like your YouTube links. Multi-platform posting requires knowledge of what users enjoy and are expecting in each space.


Getting Past Doubt


Overwhelmed? Nervous? Confused? That’s normal for business owners who haven’t dived into social media marketing yet. Tell that Karen in the back of your mind to shut the hell up because you’re amazing and have amazing things to share with the world. The end.


Start where you are. You’ll, naturally, improve as you go. All you have to do is put out the content. Ask your trusted advisors to give you feedback if you must, but your content is unique and the world should hear it.


Outsourcing the Work


If you’re having a hard time getting out your content, there’s no shame in phoning a friend.


Outsourcing your content isn’t cheating. It’s knowing what’s best for your business and your health. Have that glass of wine and let the experts do what they do best and get it right for you the FIRST time!

Get off that fence and start putting up your vision out in the world! People can’t find you, much less resonate with you, until you begin. Each day that you put this off pushes your potential for success into the future.


Let’s have a conversation about next steps. Take action by calling for an Assist!


About the Author: abbeyharrison


Abbey Harrison worked in the corporate world developing and implementing processes for over 12 years before she finally said, “enough is enough” and decided to start her own biz in the marketing world. Her experience with business and office management lead her to develop strong skills in understanding the importance of organization, communication, processes and delegation. She started Assist for the Win to bring her “big-business” skill set to entrepreneurs and small businesses and give them the marketing assistance needed to have the same essential structures that corporations use every day. Her mission is to empower small business owners to realize they don’t have to run their biz all on their own and take the implementation of marketing off their plates, so they have one less hat to wear. She specializes in marketing behind the screen, on the screen and beyond the screen so that business owners can spend time focusing on what they do best!

Abbey is a Colorado native, loves rooftop patios, a great glass of wine, her husband, Chris and her 3 amazing boys, Ethan, Aidan and Deacon.