Do You Get Spooked When You Look at Your To-Do List?

Sunday October 15, 2017 comments


We have all made a to-do list at some point. If you’re a regular list maker, you’ll know that there never seems to be enough hours in the day to accomplish all the things on your to-do list. Many entrepreneurs devote so much time to doing the daily tasks on those to-do lists that they are left feeling frazzled and overwhelmed. They’re spending all their time on administrative tasks like checking emails that there is not enough time to work on the tasks that will produce an income stream for their business. 

One of the biggest reasons why entrepreneurs nowadays struggle to grow their businesses is because they are simply wearing too many hats.  It might be time to pass one or two of your hats on to a Virtual Assistant. A virtual assistant (VA) is a skilled professional who can work remotely to help take tasks off your plate and free up your time.

A virtual assistant can work independently on a wide range of tasks, like transcription, data entry, event planning, and customer appreciation. If you provide your virtual assistant with an outline for success, they’ll be there to help you reach your business goals.

Entrepreneurs use virtual assistants to divide their workload, so they can focus on the more important aspects of running a business – like finding new customers, meeting with existing clients, and increasing profit margins within the company.  VA’s can certainly help free up some of the time spent on those time consuming day-to-day tasks… which means you can actually earn more money than if you didn’t have the assistance!

Before hiring a VA, it is important to track the time being spent on business activities.  The next step from here is to categorize each task, and the time it takes to do it, into one of two categories – productive tasks and non-productive tasks.  Productive tasks are those tasks done that produce a revenue stream for the business.  Non-productive tasks, on the other hand, are necessary for the business but do not generate any income.

You’re not making any money updating the company website or posting on Twitter and Facebook, and you’re definitely not growing your business while you’re logging customer payments.  If the time spent on non-productive tasks is too great, you are losing money. 

This is where virtual assistants (VAs) can help. They can be utilized for as little or as many hours per week as necessary. Almost anything that doesn’t require the VA to be in your office physically is well within their job description.  Some of the tasks that a VA can do for your business are:

  • Email management and organizing
  • Booking appointments with clients
  • Coordinating business trips and events
  • Following up with clients/customers (sending thank you cards and other customer appreciation gifts)
  • Client contact management
  • Database building (updating email or contact lists on your CRM)
  • Create a monthly social media editorial calendar, creating or finding content
  • Transcriptions
  • Set-up social media accounts

The most successful leaders aren’t those who put the weight of the world upon their shoulders. Successful leaders know what, when, and to whom to delegate that rise above the rest. Taking the do-it-all-yourself approach can keep your plate filled with busy work, rather than work that really helps build your income.  Try using a virtual assistant - even just a small starter project - and see firsthand how it can free up time to grow your business and put more money in your pocket.