End Your Business Year Right

By: abbeyharrison Wednesday December 2, 2020 comments


It's been a long, and tough, business year for all of us. Take a moment to reflect over the last 11 months. Who's been on your side? Who's had your back? 

Who are the people in your circle that made a positive impact on your life and your biz this year? Make a list of these individuals because it's time to thank them properly for helping you be successful in 2020. How should you thank your people this year? We have a few ideas:

Pick up the Phone

The novelty of an old-fashioned phone call can't be emphasized enough. In a world where it feels like every call, e-mail, or postcard is trying to sell us something – a quick, but gratitude-filled phone call will feel like heaven! Schedule in time to call every person on your client appreciation list and tell them thank you for being a part of your biz this year and making an impact in your life.

Send a Card.

Another novelty that isn't used much anymore? Handwritten thank you cards. If you just don't have the time to make individual phone calls because your list is too long (lucky you!) then consider sending cards instead. A heartfelt handwritten message goes a long way.

If you need an assist in making sure your people feel loved and cared for – Assist for the Win has experience in all these areas. Take your client appreciation efforts off your plate and rest soundly knowing that this is being taken care of and your people know how much you appreciate them. Because we know you care about your peeps who kept you going all year long BUT doing this could take a long time. HIRE SOMEONE TO HELP YOU!


About the Author: abbeyharrison


Abbey Harrison worked in the corporate world developing and implementing processes for over 12 years before she finally said, “enough is enough” and decided to start her own biz in the marketing world. Her experience with business and office management lead her to develop strong skills in understanding the importance of organization, communication, processes and delegation. She started Assist for the Win to bring her “big-business” skill set to entrepreneurs and small businesses and give them the marketing assistance needed to have the same essential structures that corporations use every day. Her mission is to empower small business owners to realize they don’t have to run their biz all on their own and take the implementation of marketing off their plates, so they have one less hat to wear. She specializes in marketing behind the screen, on the screen and beyond the screen so that business owners can spend time focusing on what they do best!

Abbey is a Colorado native, loves rooftop patios, a great glass of wine, her husband, Chris and her 3 amazing boys, Ethan, Aidan and Deacon.