Is Your Brand Missing These?

By: abbeyharrison Monday January 3, 2022 comments



The core components to creating a kick-ass brand!


Branding is like finding the perfect outfit that makes you say dang, I look goooood! You need to identify your brand personality and style, showcase your brand colors, the emotions you want your brand to evoke and how you want your audience to feel when they experience your brand. 


“So, Abbey, what exactly goes into this branding process?” you may be asking. Well, hold on to your seats kids because I’m going to give you alllllll the insights to creating a brand that won’t be forgotten!


1. Brand Voice. Brand voice is the distinct personality a brand takes on in its communications. Imagine you went to a dinner party and you're chatting with all the guests. One person stands out because they're great at storytelling in a distinctive, unique way. That needs to be your brand!


How can you figure out what exactly this personality is? Well, your brand personality should reflect your values. And your values should be easily found in your mission statement! If your company has a mission statement, or something similar, it should offer a good starting point for figuring out your brand voice, and how it connects to your marketing materials. Also ask yourself questions like: “Is our tone generally formal or informal?” or even “this or that” exercises like “We’re ______, but we’re not ______” (ex: “We’re funny, but not sarcastic”). 


What’s AFTW brand voice? We like to keep our tone conversational, yet a little bit sassy! After all, social media marketing is *fun* right?! 


2. Brand Values. Brand values are a set of guiding principles that shape every aspect of your business. They're placed at the very core of your brand and are there to dictate your brand message, identity and personality. They are key to differentiating your brand in the marketplace!


Great brand values should be clear and sincere, build connections, and set you apart. Once you’ve figured out what your core values are, you want to integrate these values into your business, and keep them consistent in your marketing and branding.


What are AFTW brand values? Connection, Impact, Authenticity, Fun, and Inspiration!


3. Brand Messaging. Brand messaging refers to the underlying value proposition conveyed and language used in your content. It's what makes buyers relate to your brand because it's inspirational, persuasive, motivational, and well, sticky. Ultimately, it makes customers want to buy your product or book your service!


So, how do you create this messaging? Start by identifying your audience (or your target audience). Ask yourself who are you trying to talk to exactly? You’ll also want to look at your unique value proposition (which I’ll get into next!)


A great example of brand messaging is Dove. Dove has stood out for its more sensitive, humanized, and closer approach to the public. The tone of voice is softer and milder but not so cheerful. Their message is that their products are not only for beauty, but a source for confidence. This sensitivity the brand applies in its campaigns allows it to work with brand messaging that reinforces the importance of believing in yourself. 


What’s AFTW brand messaging? “Are you ready to scout out what we can do for you?” is a phrase we use frequently here! It’s conversational, like our brand voice, and also plays on the name “Assist for the Win.” (See what we did there?!) Most importantly, it’s highlighting the brand messaging of how our services can “Help you win the marketing game!”  P.S.- Get your copy of our Branding Wheel to help guide you!


4. Unique Value Proposition(s). A Unique Value Proposition (UVP) is a clear statement that describes the benefits of your product or service, how you solve your customer’s needs, and what distinguishes you from the competition. 


The best value proposition is clear: What is it? For whom? How is it useful? If those questions are answered, you’re on the right path. Always strive for clarity first. Stop and think about what *really* separates you from your competition, what are you offering that makes you better? Remember: You don’t need to be unique to the whole world, just in the customer’s mind.  The closing of a sale takes place in a customer’s mind, not out in the marketplace among the competition.


What’s AFTW's unique value proposition?  “Assist for the Win is a one stop shop from developing your marketing strategy, to creating your content, and implementing the entire process to take your brand to the next level!”


Alright, so now you’ve got your game-plan for creating a kick-ass brand, and if you need a little help along the way, that’s ok! Reach out to me here and we can help get you past those road-blocks that might be holding up your branding success.


About the Author: abbeyharrison


Abbey Harrison worked in the corporate world developing and implementing processes for over 12 years before she finally said, “enough is enough” and decided to start her own biz in the marketing world. Her experience with business and office management lead her to develop strong skills in understanding the importance of organization, communication, processes and delegation. She started Assist for the Win to bring her “big-business” skill set to entrepreneurs and small businesses and give them the marketing assistance needed to have the same essential structures that corporations use every day. Her mission is to empower small business owners to realize they don’t have to run their biz all on their own and take the implementation of marketing off their plates, so they have one less hat to wear. She specializes in marketing behind the screen, on the screen and beyond the screen so that business owners can spend time focusing on what they do best!

Abbey is a Colorado native, loves rooftop patios, a great glass of wine, her husband, Chris and her 3 amazing boys, Ethan, Aidan and Deacon.