Level Up Your LinkedIn Game!

Thursday September 1, 2022 comments Tags: LinkedIn, Social Media, Social Media Platforms, Social Media Marketing


A wise author, Porter Gale, once said “Your network is your net worth.”... I’ll let that settle for a minute… okay, time’s up! Let’s talk about networking. There’s no better way to build connections than through LinkedIn. For the past 20 years, LinkedIn has been taking the market by storm and it’s arguably in its prime as I type this. Let’s go through a quick Q&A on everything you need to know about LinkedIn:


Q: Everyone raves about LinkedIn, but my profile doesn’t reach the engagement numbers I want it to. What should I do to become relevant and stay relevant? I need the secret recipe!

A: The secret recipe consists of everything but the kitchen sink, but don’t worry, I’ll break it down for you! My #1 suggestion is Video. Video. Video. 80% of traffic on the internet is video, and yes, LinkedIn is most definitely included. Another stellar tactic is to comment and engage with other LinkedIn members’ posts. It can be as simple as a comment saying “Your post truly resonated with me because…”. Also, take advantage of your profile visits. Say hello and ask them a question, you never know what opportunity may come of it. This is just the tip of the iceberg, keep reading to pick up more LinkedIn tips and tricks!


Q: The bio section on any platform is my arch nemesis. What does the ideal LinkedIn profile look like?

A: The bio section might seem daunting (and this might sound cheesy) but just put your personality in it! If you are humorous, feel free to throw a joke in your bio. Or, tell a suitable story. If anything, talk about your success and passion. Long paragraphs are a hard no though, break them up so it’s easy to read. Now for the nitty gritty… A great LinkedIn profile uses a keyword-rich headline- make yourself hard to miss. A title that showcases your expertise is ideal for skimmers. So, be bold. There’s also this nifty little section called “Featured Section”, where you can upload short videos of yourself talking about your niche. I said it in the previous Q&A set, and I’ll say it again, Video. Video. Video. And above all, please, upload a clear portrait for your profile picture. You wouldn’t believe how many blurry profile pics are out there!


Q: I have quite a few connections on LinkedIn (500+), how can I enhance my profile from here?

A: So, you’re a seasoned LinkedIn user. I’ve got you. First, you are going to want to join LinkedIn Groups that are relevant to your industry. You can gain insight, but also share insight, which is a chef’s kiss for your image. Groups are the perfect place to ask for recommendations. For example, a book, podcast, or software recommendation is an easy way to strike up a conversation. As for your profile, consistently post quality content, like an article link to your blog. That will also drive traffic to your website *wink* *wink*. If you struggle to find the time to create and post content for social media, consider booking a complimentary consultation with us in order to enhance your platform.


Q: I have finally built a following on LinkedIn. Now, how do I interact with my connections?

A: You will first want to determine how you want to portray yourself. Is it edgy? Sophisticated? Witty? Whatever it is, embrace your persona. Especially, when it comes to messaging or emailing your connections. Also, what is your CTA, or call-to-action? Your CTA is key because it shows you are welcoming new and old connections’ ideas. Ask your connections to comment their opinion, invite them to check out your newly renovated website, or have them DM you for a special promo. The options are endless! Never expect engagement without encouraging it first.


Wow! Q&A’s might have to make an appearance more often, I enjoyed that! If you have any additional questions about LinkedIn, other platforms, or digital marketing in general, please send a message my way. Or, if you are looking for a digital marketer, you can book a free consultation by clicking on this handy little link, https://assistforthewin.com/Acuity/.


(If you read the whole blog, you know that was a shameless plug, AKA - CTA ;))