Making Instagram Marketing Work for Your Business

By: abbeyharrison Monday February 1, 2021 comments


People still can’t stop talking about Instagram. I bet you’ve been to networking events and you’ve heard that you just Have. To. Be. On. Instagram right now. They aren’t wrong. Instagram is LIT! However, if you don’t have the right strategy for this social media channel you’ll struggle to see what the fuss is all about. You can’t just post your Facebook content on Instagram and call it good - not if you want to make an impact there.


Here are things to think about for maximizing your Instagram account this year:


Your Instagram Feed & Aesthetic


Instagram is a visual platform. Folks visiting your profile will decide in seconds whether you are an account worth following. Since you only have a couple of seconds to make a first impression, your Instagram feed better be telling your brand story in a visual and appealing way. 


Not only should your feed be attractive, you’ll need to spend time on your profile and your Highlights section as well. A clean, easy to navigate, easy to resonate with profile page will work wonders for increasing your follower count.


Making an Impact


How will you make an impact with your work this year and could Instagram help you reach those goals? It’s never been more relevant for companies to be promoting or participating in social causes. Social media platforms have noticed and are making it easier for businesses to share what they are passionate about and convert that into dollars for good causes. Instagram has announced a new fundraising feature to make it easier for users to raise money for personal causes or favored non-profits. 


Video on Instagram


Instagram raised their game the last couple of years when incorporating video into their platform. Why? Because video is the #1 most consumed type of social media content. The story format originated on Snapchat but Instagram Stories have been so popular that other social media platforms are relying on it now as well. Facebook has made Stories a central part of their experience and have you heard of Story Pins yet (Pinterest we’re looking at you). However, stories aren’t the only way to incorporate video into your Instagram strategy this year.


Then comes a try at long-form video to compete with YouTube and IGTV enters stage right. If that wasn't enough, the rise of Tik Tok motivated Instagram to take a stab at short-form videos. Reels is their response to this type of video content and, despite doubts, it’s really taking off. 


Plus, there’s always Instagram Live… press the record button and go and these short videos will appear in your feed.


The point is video is here to stay and if you want to make waves on Instagram, there are various ways to put yourself out there. Scared of the camera? We hear ya! However, the sooner you courage up and press record, the faster you’ll start building that audience you seek on Instagram.


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About the Author: abbeyharrison


Abbey Harrison worked in the corporate world developing and implementing processes for over 12 years before she finally said, “enough is enough” and decided to start her own biz in the marketing world. Her experience with business and office management lead her to develop strong skills in understanding the importance of organization, communication, processes and delegation. She started Assist for the Win to bring her “big-business” skill set to entrepreneurs and small businesses and give them the marketing assistance needed to have the same essential structures that corporations use every day. Her mission is to empower small business owners to realize they don’t have to run their biz all on their own and take the implementation of marketing off their plates, so they have one less hat to wear. She specializes in marketing behind the screen, on the screen and beyond the screen so that business owners can spend time focusing on what they do best!

Abbey is a Colorado native, loves rooftop patios, a great glass of wine, her husband, Chris and her 3 amazing boys, Ethan, Aidan and Deacon.