Making Your Facebook Game Fierce!

Monday August 1, 2022 comments


Facebook is the most popular social media platform with nearly three billion, yes billion, users. That means almost half the world has Facebook! And out of those users, 1.9 billion access the platform Every. Single. Day. If those statistics aren't enough to make you want to use the platform to your advantage, I don’t know what will…! Let’s dive into some ways to help you win the Facebook Game when it comes to marketing your business.


How to Stay Relevant in the World of Facebook


Keeping up with trends can be hard; sometimes my kids will say a word I have to Google to figure out what it means when they leave the room. Luckily for you, I’m sharing three of the best Facebook trends, so you don’t have to run to Google *wink* *wink*.

  1. Facebook Live - Now, this isn’t anything new but, going live isn’t going anywhere. Going live is easy, free, and a quick way to talk with your followers in real-time.

  2. Augmented Reality - If you haven’t tried AR out already, you’re missing out! Facebook users have found the effect so interesting with impressive engagement numbers.

  3. Facebook Shops – Businesses can set up an online store on Facebook (and Instagram) to sell their merchandise and the best part is, it doesn’t cost a thing! In the shop, you can connect with your customers to answer questions, offer customer support, and much more. It’s almost like Facebook Shops are too convenient…


You’ll also want to be sure and follow other brands and influencers who work within the same industry as you. It’s the ultimate freebie because you can see what’s working well for others, which in turn can help you generate new content ideas, see what trends to hop on, and grow your industry knowledge.


Facebook Groups 101


All right, time to jump into Facebook Groups. The beautiful thing about Facebook Groups is they are community oriented; either geographically or just simply because everyone in the group has a common interest. For example, if I sold insulated water bottles, I would want to promote my product in the ‘Denver Hiking Club’ Group, because my product would more than likely appeal to the members of the group.  However, be careful when it comes to promotions because not every group allows them or only allows them on certain days. Best practice when it comes to promoting yourself in a group - read the rules when you join. A lot of groups will make you acknowledge conditions before you are approved as a member, so make sure you’re taking the time to actually read them.


Facebook Groups is also a phenomenal way to connect, learn, and grow as a business. When you’re stuck on something or looking for advice, Facebook Groups are a great place to get feedback from others. It’s almost like having a mini focus group at your disposal.  If you don’t feel comfortable asking a question, you can even remain anonymous. Keep in mind, that someone else’s business has probably gone through what you’re needing feedback on, so their advice could be the golden nugget you’ve been waiting for!


Maximizing Your Exposure on Facebook


Now that we’ve established the best trends and how to stay connected, let’s talk execution. How does one maximize their exposure on Facebook? Well, per usual $$$ comes into play. Boosts and ads will make you feel like you’re at the casino… you have to spend money to make money! Let’s get into them:


Boosts: Boosting a post is the simpler option between the two. You essentially pay money for a regular Facebook post to reach a larger audience. The benefits are page likes, comments, shares, and overall brand awareness.


Ads: You’ll always be able to pick out an ad on Facebook because they show a “Sponsored Content” note in light gray on the post. You’ll find they are much more complex than just boosting a post; ads offer a range of analytic options, many ways to track engagement, and specific targeting options. You’re able to filter the age, gender, location, interests, and more to get a very specific target audience so you get the most bang for your buck. 


How to Keep Your Facebook Audience Engaged

It’s easy to get lost in the analytics and current trends, but at the end of the day, it’s all about keeping your friends and followers intrigued. Ask them questions, put out polls, or go live. Make sure to invite your new friends to like your Business Page or join your own Facebook Group (you know - that thing we talked about earlier).  To make it easy, set a reminder in your calendar to do it once a quarter. You’d be surprised how much you can grow your following with this one simple task.


Bottom line: If you’re putting out raw, real, authentic content intentionally, you’ll attract the right people, your engagement will increase, and your Facebook will be looking fierce!


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