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Let’s get to the down and dirty truth. Anyone who runs a marathon can tell you that the training before the race is not the most memorable aspect of participating. Pulling off the goal at the end of all that training is the reward for all that hard work. This is also true for any business owner looking to host an event, training or workshop. While planning might not be your favorite part, the prep work needed to successfully execute your event is the most important piece of the whole thing.


The Checklist


With so many moving parts, having a prep checklist is essential to keeping everything running smoothly before the big day. I’d encourage you to sit down and create a thorough checklist, starting at least six months out from the event.


It may take a few reviews, and the input of an experienced event planner, to really nail down your list so that you don’t miss any key details. Even with a solid start, you’ll want to keep the checklist somewhere accessible so you can add to it when an idea pops up.


ProTip: Keep your checklist digital so you can access it from ANYWHERE!


If anything is going to SAVE YOU during this ‘down and dirty’ part of hosting an event, it’s this checklist.




You may be tempted to take all of this on yourself, but don’t. Not only will you need help with the prep work, it’s also a good idea to have a few staff members or volunteers on hand the day of the event to make sure things run smoothly.


Delegation is hard, we get it, but JUST DO IT!


Also, that checklist you’ve drafted? Make sure you can easily share it with other members of the event team.


The Timeline


Not only do you need a checklist for prepping the event, you also need a detailed timeline of the event itself – from setup to agenda to clean up after. Like the checklist, start with a rough draft and then add to it as you go and as things change. The earlier you make this timeline, the more time you’ll have to gather advice and input from other business owners who have hosted a similar event.


Hiring Help


Maybe you’ve got this all under control, but if you ever find yourself in the fetal position on your office floor in a panic about pulling this off, it’s time to hire an event planner. If you’re hosting a training, speaking engagement, running a workshop, or hosting a conference – you’ll be glad you had the time to focus on what you do best and what you are adding to the event. Leave the rest of the organization and event planning to a qualified professional. You certainly can’t run interference at your event if you are also on stage!


Unless you just relish the idea of handling every element of this yourself, we highly recommend that you bring in an event planner to keep things on task and running smoothly through the entire planning process.


ProTip: Hire someone who actually likes to help with the prep work and execution of events! I happen to know just the right person...😉


If running an event is on the horizon for you in the next year, keep my information in your back pocket for when you are trying something new or just need a backup for all those pesky event planning details (such as finding a venue, hiring a DJ, or piecing together all the elements of a great event). We love helping businesses host and run events!


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