The Four Details of Creating a Bad-A$$ Website You Can't Ignore

Monday April 3, 2023 comments Tags: website refresh, websites, webiste audit, digital marketing


Here we go with another one of our blogs, this time with a focus on bulking up that bad-ass website of yours. 

Whether you’re new to the website game or feel like a refresh would do you some good, stay right there because I have you covered! We will be deep diving into four details you want to remember in order to really bulk up your website. 


Audit: Should It Stay or Should it Go?

I want you to sing that 80s song to yourself as you're sifting through all the details of your website. 

🎵👉If your content is all over the place, there will be trouble

🎵👉Noticing irrelevant details you didn’t catch before, if it stays, it will be double

🎵👉If you're content feels outdated, you guessed it, time to let it go now

The thing is, an audit is done to double-check that your content still conveys your message while also keeping your audience in mind. Directing people to a website that buries what they are looking for will force them to turn away. And no one wants that! 


Hello? Anyone There… 👋🏼

One of your biggest goals is to keep your audience’s attention. If your site doesn’t speak the same language your target market does, it will have them feeling like you’re speaking in tongues. What’s the point if they can’t understand you?

Really be honest with yourself here. Does your website tell a story to the RIGHT people? 

Your site will leave an impression on whoever comes to see it, but whether it’s good or bad is up to you. Getting solid on your brand voice and personality and doing it cohesively is what pushes your website toward total bad-assery!


Does Your Website Have a Face for Radio? 😳


Not the funniest thing to admit, but if your website isn’t attractive and has a lot to say, it’s a saying that, unfortunately, fits. To fix it, eye-pleasing imagery is a must!


You want your website to have visual appeal while ALSO having something to say… like Beyonce. You want your website to look and sing like Queen B herself!


Psst: here’s an extra tip: you want your website to be mobile-friendly. Over 60% of ALL web traffic comes through mobile phones. So, make sure you’re taking advantage of those people and have your site optimized for mobile devices.


Is There a Chance for a Second Date? 💞


The last detail you want to remember when building, or upgrading your website, is your opt-ins. 


We are talking about email marketing, baby! And YES, it is 100% still relevant. 


Here’s the thing, you want people to want to opt-in to your funnel. And to do it, they must give you something in return (their information). 


That means it’s time for you to give something of value. Maybe it’s a newsletter where you recap the top tips you shared across all your social platforms or something they can download, like a free pdf intro guide to your industry. 


Whatever it is, make it juicy! 


So, there you have it, the big details you want to focus on to really create that kick-ass website! And if you’re still not confident enough to take it on by yourself, let us help you by scheduling your free consultation.  


We are experts in this for a reason!