The 4 Keys to Promoting a Healthy, Successful Online Marketing Strategy

Wednesday February 1, 2023 comments Tags: Marketing Strategy, email marketing, blog, Social Media, website


Online marketing is one of my favorite things in this world! You may be asking: “But Abbey, WHY?” Well, if you haven’t noticed by now, it’s my superpower!

In this month's blog, I highlight the four key essentials to a healthy, successful online marketing strategy:

1) A Killer Website

2) The Perfect (social media) Platforms

3) Emails - Yes, They're Still Relevant

4) A Badass Blog


You'll learn specific things you can do with each that will help you get closer to hitting your marketing goals. (And I promise to lay it all out without making your head spin!)


#1: A Killer Website


First things first, you must remember to register your domain name! Generally, you want to use your business name, but I know that some of you won’t have that luxury. If that’s the case, you’ll have to get a bit creative without sacrificing your ability to pop up in search results.


You can add simple characters between words like:

  • A hyphen (-)
  • An acronym (a.k.a.)
  • A period (.)
  • A tilde (~)


Or you could even switch up the suffix and switch it from .com to .biz. After you’ve claimed it, the fun can start; you get to build your overall site! Most websites have, at the minimum, an About Page, a Product/Services Page, and a Contact Page. However, this is where you get to exercise more of that artistic freedom. You can add in whatever tickles your fancies, like a place for testimonials, FAQs, blogs, or even a resources page for any free lead magnets you may offer.


#2: The Perfect Platforms (Specific to Your Target Market)


This is where knowing your target market plays a big part in your strategy. Who is your target audience, and where do they spend most of their time online? For example, if you mainly sell to a younger audience, Facebook is a great choice, but Instagram and TikTok will be better. Spend some time to really lean in and learn the basic statistics and general facts about each platform. Or feel free to reach out to us here at Assist for the Win so we can speed up the entire process for you!


Pro Tip: At a minimum, you want to get your Google Business Profile (formally known as Google My Business) up and running. This allows anyone within your local area to find you listed on Google. It’s great for giving a quick snippet of important info like your hours, website link, contact details, and reviews.


#3: Emails – Yes, They’re Still Relevant!


More than half the GLOBAL population uses email! Talk about crossing borders! To take it seriously for yourself, think about the emails that grab your attention and interest you enough to scroll through to the end. How many times have you logged into your email only to get distracted by your favorite brands’ half-year sale?


Imagine a time in the future when you set up a re-engagement series for anyone who opts into your content. Before you know it, months go by, and people are still being guided to your website without you having to actively go in and send/track it all by yourself. Automation. Is. Key.


That’s the untapped power of email marketing, baby!


#4: A Badass Blog


Blogs are not just for world travelers and mommy bloggers. They are an incredible way to give value to your audience. Whenever I see a business that hasn’t set up a blog, I think about how they are wasting SO much potential. People want value! It’s, hands down, the best way to set yourself up as their personal expert! Plus, it helps you climb Google’s infamous Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ranks, meaning if you want your website to appear on that shiny first page, start blogging! Plus, your blogs are a primary source to repurpose the content into social media posts. Two for one? Yes, please!


I know this is a lot of information to take in and implement all at once. Here’s the thing; you don’t have to do it all at once. Start with one thing and take on the next once you’ve mastered it. Plus, you have us here at Assist for the Win to help! Feel free to leave a comment below or book a complimentary Marketing Assessment to see where you currently are and what your next steps should be.