The Un-Skippable Steps to Creating a Kick-A$$ Marketing Strategy

Wednesday March 1, 2023 comments Tags: Marketing Strategy, Social Media Marketing, Best Business Practices, Content Strategy


In February, I told you about the four keys to promoting a healthy and successful online marketing strategy. This month, we are building on top of it. So if you haven’t read the other blog yet, go ahead and click here

With that, we will focus on the “how-to” part of developing your marketing strategy.


Time is of the Essence ⏰

I kid you not; starting without taking the time to look over your marketing strategy doesn’t assist you toward the win in any way. Rushing into this might help you get going faster, but if you’re going the wrong way, then what’s the point? (None! It was a waste of time.)

This is your chance to look over previous strategies you’ve attempted before. Even if it failed, allow yourself to learn from it.


Give some extra attention to the following:

  • What worked?
  • What didn’t work?
  • Where were some missed opportunities?
  • Did you take advantage of different avenues for advertising?
  • Is there a new feature you haven’t tried yet?
  • How can you make your previous lead magnets even more valuable?


For those of you who haven’t created a marketing strategy before, congratulations. If you’re reading this, you are about to get started in the right direction! Woo-hoo!

Now, trust me on this part; your drawing skills are about to come into play. Sidenote: as long as you can draw a square, you're more than qualified to do this!

Sketch out all the ways someone can enter your pipeline.

➡️ Do you have a free lead magnet? - What are all the buttons and links they must click through to buy your product?

➡️ Do you have a newsletter to opt into? - What steps must someone take before they make a purchase?

➡️ And, if you are posting on social media - what pathway must be taken for them to schedule an appointment with you?




Aim for the Target 🎯

Working backward is hands down, the best way to figure out your strategy. When you start by asking, “what is my final goal?” and “whom am I marketing to?” you end up with clearly defined answers.

If you would be so kind as to give me your full attention on this next part -  knowing your specific audience is pivotal in your strategy.

“Well, Abbey, how do I know I'm targeting the right audience?” I’m glad you asked!! There are some great questions for you to answer below.


  • Look at who is purchasing from you currently and ask why?
  • Jot down common traits and interests you see across them – chances are, it’s not a coincidence.
  • Peak at your competition.
  • Who are they currently targeting?
  • Who’s buying from them?
  • Who are they looking past? It can be a good idea to narrow down and focus on those they are ignoring.


Show Me the Money 🤑

Where exactly do you want to spend your marketing dollars? If there’s a segment or platform you're interested in, see if it fits your industry. This is your business, after all.


A great rule of thumb to follow is:

💵 Small budget = consider social media advertising. Paid advertising can be much lower in cost compared to other options. Plus, you’ll still reach many.

💰 Larger budget = consider working with an influencer for promotion. Someone who already influences your industry specifically can be a great strategy to grow your audience.


Determining where your marketing dollars will be best spent is all part of having a kick-ass strategy!


Execution is Key 🗝

Whom can BEST implement all of this? Can you take it on yourself? Is there someone in your business that can take care of it? Or are you at a spot where you can outsource it all to an expert so they can take it off your shoulders without you needing to worry about it?

Here’s the thing, at Assist for the Win, we can help you. Not only can we develop a strategic plan customized to your business and goals, but we can do it all while making sure you can focus on moving your business forward. Marketing is an ever-changing industry. Expecting a business owner to stay on top of it alone is NOT realistic. That’s where we come in!


Schedule your complimentary consultation, and let us help you create the marketing strategy you’ve been dreaming of!