What Are Your BIG Goals for 2018?

Tuesday January 2, 2018 comments

There’s a famous line from a Counting Crows’ song that goes “there’s reason to believe that maybe this year will be better than the last.” That is the dream and hope of most people at the end of each calendar year. As we prepare for the New Year, we do so with the hope that this year will be better than the last.

For most of us, that involves setting some New Year’s resolutions (even if they get abandoned by February). This year, why not try something different? Instead of setting resolutions, create a BIG goal for the year. 

What’s the difference between a resolution and a goal? Well, a resolution is more of a promise that you are making to yourself, but a goal is a measurable target for you to reach. So this year, I challenge you to set a goal for yourself--and think BIG!

What’s your BIG goal for 2018?

Don’t go small with this! If we allow ourselves to dream big, we get excited about the possibilities that are out there and are genuinely invested in reaching our goals.   

So what’s your goal? Do you want to reduce the amount of stress in your life? Do you want to reprioritize your daily life so that you can spend more time with your friends or family? Do you have BIG business goals? The first step is getting those goals down on paper.

How do you achieve these goals?

What’s standing between you and that big goal? For a lot of us, it’s time. There just aren’t enough hours in the day! Once you identify your roadblocks, you can spring into action to knock them down.

If time is the #1 thing standing in your way, considering hiring a virtual assistant to help you out. A virtual assistant gives you extra time to clear your head and get your priorities in line so you can reach those targets. They can help you by doing time-sucking tasks like social media marketing and blog writing, so you’ve got more time freed up to reach that goal.

No one is saying that those little daily tasks aren’t important. But when you are trying to focus more on the BIG picture and those BIG goals, it’s important to delegate. Make more time for your goals so you can make 2018 your best year yet, both personally and professionally.