What Do You Just HATE Working on in Your Biz?

Monday February 19, 2018 comments

Doing work that you hate can leave you feeling burned out. The days drag on and you end up resenting your clients and the work you do for them. You might wish you’d never started a business at all. But is that really the issue, or is it just that you weren’t meant to do everything all by yourself?

Of course, you’re willing to do work that you hate in order to help your business succeed … but do you really need to? Running a business requires you to wear a lot of different hats – office manager, administrative assistant, social media manager, copywriter, bookkeeper, web designer, publicist. Chances are, you don’t really love doing all of those things. In fact, doing the busy work probably keeps you from fully concentrating on what you do love. You started your business because there was something that you were passionate about – not so you could deal with the trivialities that you hate every single day.

So, how did you end up in this place? Did you start out with a low budget, so you were forced to do everything on your own? Did you think you would like handling everything by yourself, but it turns out that isn’t the case? Or did you simply think that no one else could handle your business as well as you can handle it yourself?

Here are some ideas to help you find the joy in your business again:

Dont say yes to everything.

As business owners, sometimes we feel obligated to say yes to every single client request. Don’t! If something is outside of your realm of expertise, or you just don’t like doing it, refer your client to someone else. They’ll appreciate your assistance and you’ll be able to concentrate on the things you really like doing.

Learn to unplug.

It’s not your job to answer emails when you’re not working, or to take client phone calls while you’re away on vacation. As a business owner, you need to set boundaries. No one else will respect your time if you don’t learn to respect it first!

Dont take on more work than you can handle.

If your to-do list seems like it’s never completely checked off, it’s because you’re taking on too much work. While the “more work, more money” mindset can be tempting, it’s almost never worth the stress.

Dont take on work that doesnt excite you.

When you do work that bores you, or that you straight-up don’t like, you’ll start to lack energy and lose your flow. You are at your best when you’re doing the things you really love, and your clients need you to be at your best!

Learn how to delegate.

No one business owner can do everything by themselves. Like they say – it takes a village. Ask yourself this – if you could start over again, what tasks would you hand off to someone else? What makes you want to rip your hair out, or makes you want to just get up and walk away?

If you want to stop doing the things that you hate and bring the fun and life back into your business, contact me for a free consultation. I can help you eliminate the feeling of overwhelm many entrepreneurs often feel so you can get back to doing what you love.