What Type of Email Personality Are You?

Monday May 2, 2022 comments



Everyone has a personality (duh), but we all know that some personalities just don’t get along. It’s just a fact of life! That being said, your email marketing ALSO has a personality, but what type is it exactly? Are you TURNING OFF your customers or subscribers with your emails?!?! ::GASP:: 

In this blog, I’m going to go through four different email personalities.

1. The Oversharer

We ALL know an oversharer. (Like no, Brenda, I didn’t need to know that your mailman was grumpy today.) 

If your email reads like a book, you may be an oversharer. 

If your email has what would amount to 3 pages in a Word document, you may be an oversharer.

In 2021 people spent an average of 10 seconds reading an email from a brand. That’s down 3 seconds from 2018, which means attention spans are getting shorter! Being an oversharer *might* not be the best thing to keep and attract attention to what you are offering in your emails.

2. The Narcissist

Have you ever known a narcissist? Well, if not, it’s usually someone who makes everything about them, always talks about how great they are, and constantly reiterates how much you need them in your life. 

Contrary to what some of you may believe, that is NOT how you want to present yourself and your business when it comes to not only emails, but ANY marketing you do. Now, obviously you want and need to promote your business. A great way to do that without coming across as a "Narcissistic Nelly", is to use client testimonials. Create a branded graphic with the client's testimonial, pop it into your email, and let them tell everyone else why YOU rock! If you aren't already asking every single client you work with for a testimonial, you need to start today. Letting others who have worked with you and helped solve their problems, are one of the best ways to promote yourself. 

3. The Emotionless

If your emails just get right to the point, it’s not a bad thing. BUT, if there’s no context in it, and no relationship or connection building to your email subscriber, your email is most likely suffering from a lack of emotion.

While getting to the point right away is ok, you do need to provide context around your email and/or the product in your email. Explain what the product solves, or how it can benefit the person on the other end of the email. You need to be sure you’re building a relationship with your email and making someone say “Oh yeah, I need that!” No one wants to do business with a robot.

4. The Goldilocks

I know you know the Goldilocks story. She tries allllll the porridges until she finds the one that is *just. right.*  Your email is a Goldilocks if it’s showing just enough emotion, relationship, relativity, call(s) to action, and is just the right length. So basically- it’s like the *perfect* email!

In a Goldilocks email, you’ve put together the perfect intro to hook your reader, and your messaging is resonating just enough that they keep reading or clickity-click that CTA button to buy your product or service. 

So, take a look at your email marketing metrics. Are your emails getting opened? What’s the link click percentage? What percentage of your sales are coming from your emails? What links *are* people clicking on? (This can help you determine what’s interesting to your subscribers!) These are just a few of the questions to ask so you can determine what your email personality is and how it’s resonating with your readers.

And if you’re unsure, book a consultation with me today! The team here at AFTW can help take that part of marketing off your plate so you can focus on doing what you do best.