What is a WHY and WHY do I Need One?

Wednesday April 4, 2018 comments

Everyone has a “why” – but not everyone knows what theirs is. Have you ever sat down and consciously thought about why you do what you do? What motivates you? What gives you a sense of purpose? Your “why” is what keeps you going, even when going gets tough. It gives you a reason to strive for the best and to not just give up.


Figuring out your “why” is one of the most powerful things you can do for yourself. Here are 5 reasons you should figure yours out today:


It gives you a foundation on which to base all your decisions.

Knowing your “why” can help get you through even the toughest dilemmas. How? It acts as a guide during every decision-making process by giving you a foundation of values and principles from which to act.  


It helps you stay focused.

When you know your end-goal, it’s much easier to keep your eyes on the prize. Your “why” helps you understand why you do what you do, and what is most important in life. Having that knowledge is very grounding, and it makes it much easier to avoid trivialities and unimportant nonsense.


It allows you to feel passionate.

No more flip-flopping about whether you’re doing the right thing! When you take the time to really figure out your “why” – what you’re most passionate about and what you truly believe in – there is no going back. You will be able to fully commit to what makes you feel most alive, without worrying that you should be doing something else.


It helps you give a life a meaning.

Having something to work towards – something that you actually believe in – allows you to feel fulfilled in a way that otherwise wouldn’t be possible. Having a “why” means you stand for something, and you live your life in alignment with it. It means acting from a place of personal values and integrity.


It allows you to take on new challenges.

Your “why” allows you to step away from everything that was bringing you down in the past and move toward something that actually has meaning for you. When you find your true passion, it gives you the strength to take on new challenges in order to achieve your purpose. When you’re powered by your “why”, you can do anything.


You may not know your true purpose or passion just yet, but just being aware of that is a step in the right direction. Finding your direction in life is a game changer, and worth working towards.