Why Social Media Marketing for Your Biz?

By: abbeyharrison Thursday September 9, 2021 comments


It’s 2021 and with all you’ve heard about social media marketing, you may be wondering why you should invest the time, energy, effort, and money into showing up on social media at all. We hear you. Social media marketing is no walk in the park and if it had an easy, immediate return on investment, everyone would be doing it.


Just because social media success doesn’t happen for every small business, doesn’t mean there isn’t value in showing up there. What it does mean is that you need the right social media mindset (and strategy) to grow your online audience and get results.


Here are our top reasons why your small business should consider social media marketing:




You have amazing ideas! Why are you sitting on them? Social Media is a great place to tell everyone how awesome you are AND share your brilliance! The more people that see your content, the more people will KNOW how to refer to you OR they’ll want to do biz with you. Businesses don’t grow in silos and you are going to need to put your brand out there and social media is a great way to get in front of your target audience.


Social Relevance


YES! People look to your social media pages as much as they look at your website to see if you’re legit or not! People WILL check out your social pages to be sure you’re posting semi-regularly and if what you’re posting about resonates with them. Consider your social media pages an extension of your website or even a resume for your next potential job (client)! An inconsistent or absent presence on social media tells a story to your audience, and it’s not a good one.




Every small biz owner needs a community. Just because you’re drinking wine alone doesn’t mean other people aren’t drinking wine alone too and want friends, am I right? In a socially-distant world, there are more people online than at any time in history. Your audience is knocking on your door – are you talking to them? Are you giving them a space to connect with you, your brand, and like-minded people? 


After a year like 2020 everyone and their dog (literally) is on social media. If you don’t believe me, do a quick Internet exercise. Do a Google search of your top, most successful competitors, what does their online presence look like? I bet you’ll find that they are rocking it online and not using excuses to prevent them from getting their brand out there in a BIG way. 


If you are ready to get off the fence, and start building your social media following, give Assist for the Win a call today!


About the Author: abbeyharrison


Abbey Harrison worked in the corporate world developing and implementing processes for over 12 years before she finally said, “enough is enough” and decided to start her own biz in the marketing world. Her experience with business and office management lead her to develop strong skills in understanding the importance of organization, communication, processes and delegation. She started Assist for the Win to bring her “big-business” skill set to entrepreneurs and small businesses and give them the marketing assistance needed to have the same essential structures that corporations use every day. Her mission is to empower small business owners to realize they don’t have to run their biz all on their own and take the implementation of marketing off their plates, so they have one less hat to wear. She specializes in marketing behind the screen, on the screen and beyond the screen so that business owners can spend time focusing on what they do best!

Abbey is a Colorado native, loves rooftop patios, a great glass of wine, her husband, Chris and her 3 amazing boys, Ethan, Aidan and Deacon.